Interested people with at least one person from a local organisation, for example a rivers trust, who will take custody of the bespoke model that the process aims to create.


A Modeller, who takes on the responsibility of identifying an appropriate computer software platform and to locate available data sets needed to run the model. The Modeller also sets up the model to represent the locality and run simulations with scenarios of interest to the local community.


A Facilitator, who supports the group with contextual information, organises venues and equipment, and facilitates the sessions.




The group examines the local issues and consider how they could be modelled. Maps are useful tools in this process.


The Modeller presents the suggested computer software, explains how it works and what it can do. A laptop will suffice for the demonstration in this small group.


The group considers what data they may be able to access in order to model a particular local process of interest.


The group decides what the Modeller will set up the model to represent and simulate in preparations for the next session.


Finally the group decides a date and time for the next session and who to invite to take part.




A decision about what the group will model.


A decision about when the next session will take place and who the participants will be.


A decision of who will do what in the meantime, e.g. collect local data and send to the modeller.



A different outcome

It is up to the group to decide whether to proceed with this model, or to try another approach. If the group wants to try a different modelling software it can be a good idea to do the Session I activities one more time.


The group also have to decide whether to proceed with the process at all, perhaps modelling is not a useful way to spend the time, for any number of reasons.


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