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The second Community Modelling project was conducted by social scientists from the School of Geography and Environment at the University of Oxford and a natural scientist from the University of Durham. Following severe floods in Otley, near Leeds in Yorkshire, in November and December 2015, town councillor Mick Bradley contacted the researchers at University of Oxford inviting them to assist the community in finding local solutions to the risk of flooding.


Catharina and Sarah from Oxford were keen to apply the Community Modelling technique in a flood management context and applied for funding from the ESRC’s Impact Acceleration Award scheme. A research grant made it possible to invite Nick, a geomorphologist who had worked with with Environmental Competency Groups on flooding, and Matilda, a recent graduate from the Water MSc Programme at University of Oxford, to lead the local group in Otley.


The academics collaborated with a group of local residents in Otley to co-produce a hydraulic model that would enable them to analyse local flooding. The focus of the modelling was a small residential area on the northern bank of the River Wharfe in the centre of town. This area is historically prone to both groundwater and surface water flooding.



Report from Otley


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