CM1 The Model


The first Community Modelling (CM) project used the INCA model to analyse water quality around newly constructed wetlands in Salmons Brook. INCA, short for Integrated Catchment Model, is well-established and widely used by scientists all around the world. This model can be used to represent a wide range of organic and inorganic pollutants in rivers and other water bodies of any size. Equipped with a graphic user interface for setting up and running the model, INCA is user friendly and the different visualisation options for model outputs support interaction with it by non-scientists.


We had access to the INCA model because it is a key approach in the MaRIUS project's investigation of impacts of drought on water quality. Professor Paul Whitehead at Water Resource Associates can advice anyone who is interested in using INCA and he also runs training courses in water quality modelling.



Videos about the CM1 Model

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